Need legal advice? We’ll handle your case with simple, efficient legal advice and services. We specialise in dispute resolution for a range of everyday legal matters and we offer flexible pricing to suit your case. Our team specialise in resolving disputes for a range of different areas of law. We handle hundreds of legal disputes every year, including court proceedings, mediation, and before the court. We have the experience to handle your case effectively and efficiently

Expert advice and flexible pricing

We provide free consultations and tailored, flexible pricing to suit your case. We enjoy having our feet in the mud. Moreover, our legal consultants have over 10 years experience in that legal mud. You as an entrepreneur can be assured that we understand both you and your situation; that we distinct the important issues, the details and the pitfalls; that we document our solutions in advise and contracts of simple language without pretentions. And since we are both civil and tax consultants, you can be certain that our legal solution is also the best solution tax-wise.

Get your dispute resolved sooner

We will help you navigate through any legal issues you are experiencing in your personal life. Whether it be preserving your wealth for generations to come, a relationship breakdown, moving house, or making a medical negligence or personal injury claim. Our friendly, supportive legal consultants will provide you with legal advice you can trust every step of the way. We have efficient processes and we work hard to ensure your case is resolved quickly. We advise on e.g:

  • drafting and reviewing of contracts
  • trade disputes and business advise
  • employment law advise and employee benefit and participation plans
  • corporate law issues
  • start-up and termination of enterprises
  • intellectueal property law, license issues, copyright/trademark/image rights issues
  • advising and managing merger & acquisition transactions
  • divorce and inheritance matters

Frequently asked questions

Whether you may file for divorce via a court of law in the Netherlands depends on your and your spouse’s place of residence and nationality. If you and your spouse both have the Dutch nationality, you may file for divorce in the Netherlands wherever in the world you reside.

If one of you or both of you do not have the Dutch nationality, you can still get divorced in the Netherlands if you or your spouse is resident in the Netherlands.

However, in both situations, this is subject to the condition that the divorce was not first filed in a different country. If this was the case, you cannot file for divorce in the Netherlands.

In all other cases, with very rare exceptions, it is not possible to get divorced in the Netherlands if you live abroad. For example, if you were married in the Netherlands, you have the Dutch nationality but your spouse does not, and you both live abroad. This also applies if you both agree to file for divorce in the Netherlands.

Finally: even if you are not permitted by law to file for divorce in the Netherlands, some issues regarding divorce, such as division and equalisation issues and/or determining maintenance may be settled in the Netherlands in some cases.

A non-competition clause must always be agreed in writing. In principle, a non-competition clause in a temporary contract concluded after 1 January 2015 is not valid. This is not the case if specific significant business interests were explained in the clause in this specific case (and are actually significant).

In principle, in permanent contracts (non-temporary), the clauses agreed apply and these are binding to the employee. However, a valid clause may still be deemed unreasonable or objectionable. In such an event, the employee may request the court of law to restrict or void the clause.

Disinheritance means that you were excluded from the inheritance in the will and testament, but you are an heir by law. In some cases, disinherited persons can still exercise certain rights. Children who were disinherited are always still entitled to the statutory share. This concerns a sum of money that amounts to half of the sum that would have been inherited if the person was not disinherited.

A spouse or registered partner that was disinherited is not entitled to a statutory share. However, such a partner has a number of practical rights, such as the right to temporary continued use of the home and contents or even permanent usufruct of the home or other goods. If you are disinherited, this does not mean you are always left empty-handed.

As an heir, you can personally determine what to do with an inheritance (estate). You may reject it, accept it ‘as is’ or accept it as a beneficiary. Rejection means you waive any right or entitlement to both the revenue and expenses (debt) of the estate. In that event you will not receive anything, but you are also not liable for any debts or expenses.

Accepting an estate as is means that you accept both the ensuing revenue and expenses. It means all assets and liabilities are now yours. For heirs under the age of 18, acceptance of an estate in this way is not possible by law. Please remember that certain actions (such as, in some cases, selling goods that are part of the estate) may constitute acceptance as is.

Beneficiary acceptance means your own funds and assets are safe. Your income or wealth cannot be claimed by any creditors of the deceased. Any sums payable from the deceased’s estate will be paid only if the estate has sufficient funds. Such acceptance as a beneficiary only is generally a preferred option if the heir suspects that the liabilities exceed the assets.

Heirs who do not reject will have to jointly accept responsibility for settlement of the inheritance in order to divide the estate.

An executor, if appointed by will and testament, is responsible for settlement of the inheritance. The executor first prepares a description of the assets and goods, pays any sums payable and debts, and divides the remainder. The executor is responsible for further settlement and the heirs must make their claims to the executor.

Business legal services

In a complex commercial world, we understand that you want practical solutions, which deliver real results. We don’t just provide legal advice. We proactively get to know your business as a whole. Our clients tell us they regard us as business people primarily, rather than just legal consultants. Working with us can add true value, whether you’re a local SME or a global corporation, through cost effective advice tailored to your business to help you to achieve your goals.

How we work...

We would like to get to know you and of course you want to know who we are. We will find out soon enough if we can offer you what you expect. Our financial advisor will be happy to welcome you for an initial consultation.

Good advice is not a simple push of a button, but the result of a well-considered inventory of your wishes and possibilities. We list important aspects together with you. The advisor takes the time in the first introductory meeting or call, which is always completely free of charge and without obligation. You are not attached to anything!

If we can be of good service to you, you will receive a suitable proposal from us. We always base the advisory process on your goals and financial possibilities. We attach more importance to a realistic approach than to creating too high expectations. If you are in agreement with this, then we will proceed with the advice and guidance energetically. That is the starting point of our clear service. 

From this moment on, we will relieve you of your worries and make sure everything is taken care of from start to finish. We handle your affairs quickly and well. This active way of working has more than proved itself in the meantime. 

Before, during and after the advisory process, we would like to be your point of contact. For a long time now, our cooperation has only resulted in satisfied customers. For our customers, we take that one extra step that makes all the difference in many things. Your business is in good hands with us.

Need legal advice?

You can trust us to understand every aspect of your business, including areas you may not expect. We can assist you to have your legal matter(s) handled correctly. Please feel free to leave us a message via the contact form

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