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If one of the following situations applies, we recommend you to file a tax return.

  • Did you receive an invitation from the Dutch tax authorities to file your Dutch income tax return?
  • Did you arrive in the Netherlands sometime during the year?
  • Did you leave the Netherlands sometime during the year?
  • Do you have a principal residence in the Netherlands?
Our tax specialist can assist you with filing in your Dutch personal income tax return at our office in Eindhoven.

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Tax resident

Are you a tax resident of the Netherlands?

Based on the Dutch tax legislation, your tax residency is based on all relevant facts and circumstances. This will define if you should be considered a Dutch tax resident taxpayer or a Dutch tax non-resident taxpayer. You need to take into consideration in which country do you have a permanent home available, physical presence most of your time, where your family lives, your economic ties and your nationality to determine your situation. Your tax residency determines if you are taxed in the Netherlands on your world-wide income or not. Your residency also determines what type of tax form you have to file with the Dutch tax authorities.

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For those who are in a regular employment situation and have resided in the Netherlands for the entire fiscal year.


For those who emigrate to a foreign country or immigrate to the Netherlands will have to deal with an M-ticket / M-form.


for those who are not residing in the Netherlands, but earn Dutch income, e.g. a supplementary payment or your own company.

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If you are a resident taxpayer in the Netherlands, you will pay taxes on your entire income worldwide; therefore it makes no difference where in the world you earn your income. The tax office considers any business, employment, or investment earnings or income in the form of periodic benefits as taxable.

If you come to live in the Netherlands and you are eligible for the 30% ruling benefit for incoming employees, you can opt for the partial non-resident taxpayer status. If you have this status, you are considered a non-resident taxpayer for box 2 and box 3 meaning that you only pay taxes for real estate situated in the Netherlands that you own and in case you receive income from a shareholding of at least 5% in a Netherlands based company.

In case you qualify as a non-resident taxpayer of the Netherlands. As a non-resident taxpayer, you are only taxable on employment income relating to employment activities (deemed) performed in the Netherlands and e.g. income from Netherlands real estate or income from a shareholding of at least 5% in a Netherlands based company. If you meet the criteria from the Dutch tax legislation (basically earning more than 90% of your worldwide income in the Netherlands) than you might be considered as a qualified non-resident taxpayer (only if you live in an EU country) in which case, you are entitled to the same deductible items, tax credits and tax-free allowance as residents of the Netherlands.

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our services

We provide all common services for expatriates, as well as for immigrants and emigrants. We advise on the expat’s tax and social security position, arrange for the preparation and filing of the necessary income tax returns (P, C and M forms) and assist in applying for available government benefits. In addition, we take care of the application of the 30% ruling.

The 30% ruling

Need help to apply for the 30%-ruling?

The 30% ruling is a tax incentive for employees, who are recruited from abroad and bring specific skills to the Netherlands. The fiscal benefit is calculated based on your gross annual salary. 30% of this income is not being taxed and therefore net income. The 30% ruling is coordinated and supervised by the Belastingdienst (Dutch tax office), and your employer must agree that the 30% ruling applies to your situation before you start the application procedure. The duration of the 30% facility is 5 years. Specific rules apply in case you are under 30 years. In case you need any help applying for the 30%-ruling when you are 30 years or older, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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CristianExpat living in Eindhoven
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As an international, it was quite confusing to fill in the income tax forms independently. Belastingadviseur Eindhoven were kind to invite me to a face to face discussion before deciding how to proceed with the tax documents. Friendly and professional personnel. Definitely recommend!
GeraldineExpat living in Eindhoven
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I had a great experience with working with the tax specialist from this office. He was great at explain everything necessary, gave the best advice and worked step by step with me through the entire process. Would recommend them to anyone.

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