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Change sole proprietorship to LLC

Are you considering switching from your Dutch sole proprietorship to a limited liability company (bv)? Find out how we can guide you through this important step, offering expert advice and personal support for a smooth transition.

Converting sole proprietorship to LLC

Why convert a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company?

There are several reasons for converting a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company (bv), depending on the entrepreneur's specific situation and business objectives. Some of the reasons why a person might choose to convert a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company are:

 Sole proprietorship (or general partnership)Limited Liability Company (LLC)
FoundingRegistration in the CoC

Notarial deed of incorporation + registration in the CoC



Legal act

Owner (or partners)Board/director
LiabilityRisk private liability

Shielded private assets



Payroll tax, sales tax, corporate income tax and dividend tax

Financial annual report



Participation in other companiesN/A

Yes, the LLC can hold shares in other companies

The difference between a sole proprietorship and LLC

There are many differences between the various legal forms. The limited liability company is a legal form with legal personality, which means that directors are not liable with their private assets for any business debts. The limited liability company can therefore assume obligations completely independently. The sole proprietorship has no separate legal personality and therefore no separate assets.

Three ways of converting sole proprietorship to LLC

There are three variants for the tax contribution of a conversion, namely: the passive contribution, the silent contribution and the asset-liability transaction. 

eenmanszaak omzetten naar bv

Consultancy fee conversion of sole proprietorship into a LLC

In 10 clear steps, we guide you through the process of converting a sole proprietorship into a limited liability company. We carry out the first 3 steps for a fixed amount starting from € 1,500 excl. 21% VAT, assuming a single-person company (sole proprietorship).


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Frequently asked questions about conversion of sole proprietorship to LLC

Find here the answers to frequently asked questions by self-employed people about converting a sole proprietorship into a LLC.

What our customers say about us

Read more about the experiences of (self-employed) entrepreneurs with us. 


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Léonie van MookLéonie van Mook
16:53 29 Mar 23
Huge help with my tax return by Sandra from Belastingadviseur Eindhoven. She gave me good advice, was knowledgeable and acted quickly. I would therefore recommend Belastingadviseur Eindhoven to anyone.
Ljubomir StojanovikjLjubomir Stojanovikj
10:21 29 Mar 23
A pleasant cooperation with Roy van der Wiel, very accurate and professional in carrying out his legal support, definitely recommended.
Mike MartensMike Martens
08:20 07 Sep 21
I am very satisfied with the excellent service provided by this firm. They really have all the expertise to help you as an entrepreneur in all areas. This is nice because you only need one office that way. You can come to them for bookkeeping, tax advice, strategic advice and legal advice. They also really think along with you and make sure you get the most out of your business. Furthermore, it is a very nice team to have contact with. Jan, Sylvia, Roy and André are really great. This office really comes highly recommended.
Pepijn TielemansPepijn Tielemans
07:36 03 May 21
Expectations have been exceeded. Have received a lot of advice before but it was never picked up, sorted out and processed so quickly. I have also recommended them to anyone in my network who is now not completely satisfied with their current advisers.
A. PA. P
16:25 31 Dec 19
I recently went here to arrange tax matters. I was helped with great patience by Mr Martens and Mr van der Wiel. I was immensely surprised by their empathy and listening ear. They not only look at what you come for but also look at the social and societal side of the problems the client comes to them for. Much respect for these gentlemen! I highly recommend this consultancy!

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