One-man business

One-man business

Learn all about the pros and cons of setting up an one-man business. Find out if this business structure is right for you!

VAT (turnover tax)


If you operate as an entrepreneur, you pay turnover tax (VAT). What rates apply and when do you have to file a tax return in the Netherlands? Read more here.

Wage tax

Wage tax

As an entrepreneur with staff, you have to deal with wage tax issues. Learn what it entails here.

Forms of enterprise (legal form)

Ondernemingsvormen en rechtsvormen

What forms of enterprise are there? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of these legal forms? You can read more about them here.

Donation and gift tax

estate planning - schenkbelasting

If you receive a gift or donation, you often pay tax on it. How much you pay depends on several points. Read more here.

Inheritance tax

Alles over erfbelasting

Receiving an inheritance often involves paying inheritance tax. Read more about inheritance tax here.