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Do your income tax through a specialist in expat taxes from Belastingadviseur Eindhoven. Then you know for sure that you will not miss any tax refunds and you avoid high tax fines.
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In the Netherlands you pay tax over your taxable earnings (income tax/ inkomstenbelasting). The experts from Belastingadviseur Eindhoven can help you to calculate & file in your tax return. We can help with any other question regarding your tax return as well. Do you want to declare your income tax with the help of a dutch tax advisor? Leave us a message via the contact form. We can also help you remotely filing the tax return!

Prices Dutch income tax return 2022

Belastingadviseur Eindhoven offers various services to help expats with Dutch tax matters and tax returns. Complete our plain English, easy to use, online tax form in less than half an hour. We check your tax data, optimize it and convert it into the appropriate tax code. We’ll send you the tax return results, accurately on the dot, in a tax report containing a detailed break-down of the results. All in English so you can verify the results. Upon your approval, we’ll file your income tax return with the Dutch tax office (Belastingdienst). 

Due date income tax return 2022

The tax authorities can invite you to file a tax return if they are aware that you are entitled to a refund. Or if you will have to pay additional tax because you have income which have not been taxed yet. The invitations to file a tax return are normally sent in the first months following the calendar year. The invitation will mention the deadline before which the tax return must be filed. Often the deadline is May 1. If you did not live in the Netherlands the entire year, the deadline is set at a later date. Normally July 1. The deadline can easily be extended. If you don’t receive an invitation, you can still file a tax return. It is possible to file a tax return for the previous 5 years.

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